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Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

This season is all about comfort food and drinks, so why not combine the two? You can elevate your seasonal meals with the recipes found in the new The Catskills

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hands holding ginger and tumeric roots

Ease Whatever Ails You

Fighting a cold with rest and over-the-counter meds is so 2009. These days, more of us are turning to alternative methods to prevent colds in the first place, and fight them when and if they arrive.

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closeup of glass of hot apple cider with cinnamon stick and apple garnish with bowl of drink in the background

Not Your Granny’s Grog

These cold weather inspired cocktails and pairings may just change your mind when it comes to warm drinks. They aren’t your Granny’s grog or sweet mulled wine, they’re modern takes on the classics.

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