Highlands Self Storage for the Hudson Valley Wine Lover

Most people in the wine industry, as well as wine collectors, have a wine cellar. It’s important to keep wine in a quality-controlled atmosphere. But what happens if you don’t have the space?
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closeup of black headphones on a yellow background

Podcasts That Will Leave You Thirsty for More

Finding an excellent, informative podcast is more difficult than ever. The problem isn’t meager offerings, it’s the sheer volume of voices vying for listeners’ attention.
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closeup Seyval grapes and grape leaves on the vine

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Hudson Valley Winemakers Prove Hybrid Wines Have a Place in the Cellar and at the Table

A plethora of wines made from hybrid varieties are emerging from “under-the-radar” status to notable wines—and it’s happening in our backyard.
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Photo of white wine being poured into two glasses, held by one hand.

Summer is Made for Tanked Wine

Great wine starts in the vineyard, but the vessel it’s fermented and aged in can also have an outsize effect on its final taste.
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Chef Marc Murphy cooking on outdoor grill with smoke

Celebrating the Shawangunk Wine Trail with Chef Marc Murphy

Last summer, Hudson Valley Wine Magazine editors invited a small group of local farmers and artisan producers to join them and celebrity Chef and Chopped judge Marc Murphy and NYC Beverage Director David Lombardo for a farm-to-table meal featuring the  wines of the Shawangunk Wine Trail.
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unfinished cheese rounds on rack in a creamery

Hudson Valley Cheese and Wine Pairings for Locavores

To pair wine with cheese in the Hudson Valley, locavores should embrace the concept of “what grows together, goes together".
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Bottle of Glorie Farm Gin with two glasses and juniper berries outdoors on a rock.

Finding Summer’s Unexpected and Enchanting Flavors

When the sun comes out to play in the Hudson Valley, our palates tend to follow suit. Thankfully, the producers here are in the mood for tinkering, too.
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View of Fjord Cab Franc bottles, on barrel during the 2019 Cab Franc Barrel Tasting at Nostrano Vineyards.

Exploring the Wine Glass Digs Deep into Hudson Valley Cab Franc

In this Exploring the Wine Glass podcast, Lori Budd, creator of #CabFrancDay, interviews the Hudson Valley's Cabernet Franc winemakers and winery owners.
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View of a Tuscan vineyard at sunset, with grape vine in foreground.

Novel Blends Wine, Travel and Global Conspiracy

An intriguing novel by first-time author Steven Laine in which a simple discovery in the vineyards of Italy sets the scene for mystery and adventure in the wine world.
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photo of porch with chairs, at the Vanderbilt Lake House.

Five Best Places To Stay in Wine Country

Visitors get the most authentic experience at small inns and hotels or guest houses that belie easy description, much like the Hudson Valley itself.
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Vintage black & white photo of the interior of a crowded bar moments before midnight, June 30, 1919, when wartime prohibition went into effect, in New York City.

100 Years Ago When Cider Ruled the Nation

At one minute after midnight on July 1, 1919, the dream of “dry” reformers became a reality when the Wartime Prohibition Act went into effect.
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photo of stacked books.

Best Books for Wine Lovers

There is a type of wine book to suit every wine lover, but there are certain books that every wine lover should have within reaching distance of their wine glass.
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