vintage illustration of Ulyses S Grant State Dinner at the White Houser

Wine and the White House – Lessons in Diplomacy [Book Review]

Each President since Washington has recognized wine’s intrinsic value when it comes to diplomacy and putting guests at ease. Join author Frederick J. Ryan on a lively, historical romp through the Presidential cellars and the traditions that have made wine an influential part of White House culture.
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Top Picks for Virtual Tastings and Online Classes

COVID-19 created opportunities for producers and enthusiasts to embrace the history and culture of wine, beer, cider, and spirits in a completely different way. Here are our top picks for virtual happy hours, classes and conversations.
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illustration showing inside of restaurant and three cartoon people

Know Before You Go: What to Expect When You Visit Now

The Hudson Valley wine and craft beverage industry is bubbling with optimism now that COVID-19 restrictions have been loosened. Businesses are eager to welcome visitors—even if it is from six feet away.
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load of ugly apples

Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living [Book Review]

Author and sustainable cider maker Andy Brennan balances the needs of a modern farm business with a pursuit to return to simpler times.
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two sake martini glasses with cucumber ribbon garnish on a blue napkin

Seven ‘Quarantini’ Cocktails with a Local Twist

Social distancing may mean the end of cocktail hour as we know it, but a virtual "quarantini" hour can cheer you up, reduce stress, and keep you connected while you’re cooped up at home.
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vintage photo of female factory workers

Little Known Local Ladies and the Libations They Inspire

Woman and alcohol haven’t always had the best relationship throughout history, so we’ve made the case for a few local women deserving of their own brand.
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guitarist and singer on stage

Local Musicians Rock Hudson Valley Wineries

Can music affect the way wine tastes? Or does a great band just improve your experience at a winery? Here's where to go to listen to your favorite kind of live music once the COVID crisis is over.
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b/w photo of Gov Hugh carey signs document with group of men standing behind

Six Founding Fathers and How They Shaped Hudson Valley Wine

As the birthplace of American viticulture, the Hudson Valley has its share of pioneers. Here's a look at a few who helped shape the Hudson Valley's wine industry.
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bottling line showing cap being place on a green bottle

Stats Show How Winery Visits Impact New York’s Economy [New Study]

New York's wine and grape industry has a lot to cheer about, according to the latest economic impact study.
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interior of tasting room with wood walls and black chairs

Why Winter is the Best Time To Visit Hudson Valley Tasting Rooms

Spring, summer and fall are prime time for visiting tasting rooms in the Hudson Valley, but winter is arguably the best time to go.
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closeup of plated food set up with two wine glasses on wooden table

BYOB in the HV

What is better than a locals-approved restaurant that allows you to bring your own bottle? Having a community-centric shop nearby that stocks your favorite Hudson Valley-made wines and ciders!
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Defining Moments in Hudson Valley Applejack

Prohibition may have dealt applejack a near death blow back in 1920 when the law went into effect, but apple brandy, commonly known as “applejack,” is once again making a name for itself as a popular American drink.
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