vineyard view with man in front of barrel holding wine in foreground

A Glimpse of the Future from Innovators Shaping the Industry Today

Read on for a look at twelve of the region’s most pioneering craftspeople and industry professionals to get their take on the future of the industry.
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bunch of red grapes hanging on vine

Examining the Past to Discover the Future of Wine

We sat down with J. Stephen Casscles to discuss the second edition of his book, Grapes of the Hudson Valley, and why grape growers should consider New England's native grapes.
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interior of lodge with stone fireplace and open glass door with view of lake and mountains

Mirror Lake Inn and The View: An Expression of Terroir

With their casual Adirondack elegance, Mirror Lake Inn and The View are reminiscent of Europe’s finest luxury resorts, where year-round activities, spa services, and classic-yet-creative cuisine administer to body, soul,
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red grapes in bin with mountains in the distant

Cultivating Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc wines from the 2020 vintage are proving to be some of the finest the Hudson Valley region has ever produced. Here's why.
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man pouring pink wine into glass

The Hudson Valley’s Sparkling Renaissance

The pandemic proved something wine lovers have long suspected: there is no bad time to drink sparkling wine. Right here in the Hudson Valley there is incredible diversity from elegant
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Amy Hepworth with marijuana plants at Hepworth Farms in Milton, NY.

Exploring Cannabis in the Hudson Valley

With the passage of the New York Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act, more acres of agricultural land are being licensed to grow cannabis, and soon there will be tasting rooms
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Milea Tasting room at sunset

Milea Takes the Hudson Valley Wine Scene to the Next Level

Milea Estate Vineyard is kicking off an ambitious plan to change how wine is made in the Hudson Valley, and to change how that wine is perceived around the world.
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closeup of rye grass with red barns in background

Spirited Away – New York’s Craft Distilling Industry is Hitting New Heights

The state’s craft spirits industry has been booming over the past few years. What’s the takeaway from this rapid growth? For starters: Laws have consequences.
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distant shot of round barn in grass field

The Power of Place in Hudson Valley Cheese

When it comes to cheese, think local and artisanal, and look for cheeses made by people whose business decisions reflect their commitment to the community—and the land.
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view of red barn at suset

Sustainable Wine Growing in a Challenging Climate

What does sustainability mean for winemakers? In its simplest form, it's a pledge by producers to be stewards of the land and community…with a little wiggle room built in.
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plastic cup with wine on wood table

What to Know as Hudson Valley Wine Country Reopens

The pandemic has changed how many wine and cider producers do business. Read on for how to be prepared for your next visit.
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bottle of brown liquor on rock

12 New Releases to Look Forward to this Summer

While tastings were halted when businesses were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, production was not. In fact, many Hudson Valley makers crafted brand new products and are releasing new vintages
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