Assorted bottles of fruit wine from Brookview Station Winery
A Decade of Change
If you’ve ever driven extensively around the Hudson Valley, chances are you hit a GPS dead zone en route to your destination, only to find yourself delighted to be wherever you ended up.
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Bottle and two glasses of Clearview wine accompanied by a cheeseboard
Clearview Vineyard
Karen wanted to be a farmer and Frank thought he was retired. That’s how it started. They set out to make quality wines from organically grown grapes.
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Warwick Valley Winery Front Door
Warwick Valley Winery & Black Dirt Distillery
The story begins in the orchard. In 1989, Warwick Valley Winery purchased an orchard and began to learn how to cultivate fruit. The passion for creating wines and ciders soon evolved into an idea to begin distilling and to open the first distillery in the Hudson Valley since Prohibition.
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Image of outdoor seating area at Benmarl
Benmarl Winery
Wine has been made from the grapes of the Hudson Valley since the 17th century when the French Huguenots grew vines and made wine in New Paltz.
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Bunches of Baco Noir grape hanging on the vine
Bountiful Baco Noir
Baco Noir is a French-American hybrid grape that was bred by François (some say Maurice) Baco. Baco (1865 - 1947) was a teacher from the town of Belus, Landes, Armagnac Province, France (south of Bordeaux).
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