Amy Hepworth with marijuana plants at Hepworth Farms in Milton, NY.
Exploring Cannabis in the Hudson Valley
With the passage of the New York Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act, more acres of agricultural land are in the Hudson Valley are being licensed to grow cannabis, dispensaries will be popping up, and there will be tasting rooms for weed, just as there are for wine.
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Milea Tasting room at sunset
Milea Takes the Hudson Valley Wine Scene to the Next Level
Milea Estate Vineyard is kicking off an ambitious plan to change how wine is made in the Hudson Valley, and to change how that wine is perceived around the world.
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distant shot of round barn in grass field
The Power of Place in Hudson Valley Cheese
When it comes to cheese, think local and artisanal, and look for cheeses made by people whose business decisions reflect their commitment to the community—and the land.
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view of red barn at suset
Sustainable Wine Growing in a Challenging Climate
What does sustainability mean for winemakers? In its simplest form, it's a pledge by producers to be stewards of the land and community…with a little wiggle room built in.
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Hands pruning grapes using red scissor
2020 Harvest: A Bright Spot in a Tough Year
While 2020 continues to be a historically challenging year for Americans, the harvest has Hudson Valley winemakers and cider makers feeling cautiously, of all things, optimistic.
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load of ugly apples
Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living [Book Review]
Author and sustainable cider maker Andy Brennan balances the needs of a modern farm business with a pursuit to return to simpler times.
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Strong Roots
Three years in, the Hudson Valley Cabernet Franc Coalition has laid the groundwork for success. If wines from a historically rainy season are coming out this appealing, what's going to happen in a good year?
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Chef Marc Murphy cooking on outdoor grill with smoke
Celebrating the Shawangunk Wine Trail with Chef Marc Murphy
Hudson Valley Wine Magazine editors invited a small group of local farmers and artisan producers to join them and celebrity Chef and Chopped judge Marc Murphy and NYC Beverage Director David Lombardo for a farm-to-table meal featuring the  wines of the Shawangunk Wine Trail.
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View of Fjord Cab Franc bottles, on barrel during the 2019 Cab Franc Barrel Tasting at Nostrano Vineyards.
Exploring the Wine Glass Digs Deep into Hudson Valley Cab Franc
In this Exploring the Wine Glass podcast, Lori Budd, creator of #CabFrancDay, interviews the Hudson Valley's Cabernet Franc winemakers and winery owners.
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The Golden Age of Mead
Mead is having its moment. All it took was about 8,000 years. Even though it’s been around for ages and is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man it hasn’t been that prominent until recently.
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view of Jonathan Lander, assistant winemaker at Robibero Family Vineyards, standing by barrels
The Next Crop
They may have come to the Hudson Valley for its vibrant viticulture, but it’s the people—and the collaborative community—that’s making them stay.
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Landscape of Whitecliff Vineyard
A Revolution a Decade in the Making
When the first issue of Hudson Valley Wine Magazine came out ten years ago, the state’s Farm Distillery Law was only a year old.
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