photo of couple in a convertible car, driving down the road
Exploring the Hudson Valley via the Glass – Part 1
Summer is here and the open road beckons. For lovers of great drinks, delicious food and thought-provoking culture and history, there is no better place to set the GPS for than the Hudson Valley.
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lineup of bottles of Helderberg mead ona bar with bone horn and glass
Helderberg Meadworks
Helderberg Meadworks is a unique “winery” located at the edge of the Helderberg Mountains where fresh water and local raw honey are used to craft the finest mead. They are one of the few meaderies in the state who primarily produce mead.
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clooseup of cider poured into glass on grass
Three-Day Cider Tasting in the Hudson Valley
From small-batch ciders to widely distributed flavors, the Hudson Valley is home to some of the most flavorful hard ciders made from locally grown heirloom apple varieties.
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dark grapes hanging on a vine
The Marvels of Marquette
Meet Marquette, a genetically complex, sustainably-grown red hybrid that should be on your radar this summer. Its complex pedigree makes it a versatile grape to please just about every kind of wine drinker.
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view of red barn at suset
Sustainable Wine Growing in a Challenging Climate
What does sustainability mean for winemakers? In its simplest form, it's a pledge by producers to be stewards of the land and community…with a little wiggle room built in.
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