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Helderberg Meadworks

Established 2012
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lineup of bottles of Helderberg mead ona bar with bone horn and glass
Tasting Fees
$5 for 7 tastes
$15 for all with glass
Less than 5,000 cases
Peter and Kirsten Voelker
Mead Maker
Peter Voelker

Helderberg Meadworks is a unique “winery” located at the edge of the Helderberg Mountains where fresh water and local raw honey are used to craft the finest mead. They are one of the few meaderies in the state who primarily produce mead. Owner and meadmaker Peter Voelker has been making mead for many years. In 2010, he decided to open Helderberg Meadworks with his wife Kirsten to share what he considers the best mead in the country.

In 2015, the Voelkers were able to purchase more land to expand their small orchard and add a vineyard. While working hard to clear the land and plant rows of fruit, they were able to truly appreciate the beauty of the location and the view overlooking the mountains. It was clear this would be the eventual location of their tasting room, a perfect setting to relax and enjoy their mead and cider.

Inspired by their Apple Mead, in 2016 Helderberg Meadworks began producing their own hard cider. The philosophy of using all-natural ingredients extends to their ciders, allowing them to bring out the crisp, fresh apple flavor. Thanks to the positive customer feedback at festivals over the past two years, Helderberg decided to make hard cider a permanent addition to their tasting room offerings.

Savor This

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The Meadhall is open! Sample everything Helderberg has to offer in their new tasting room. It’s open Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons—the perfect spot to enjoy a session mead or one of Helderberg’s signature cocktails.

In addition to mead and cider, Helderberg makes a rare product called a “braggot”, a beer/mead hybrid made with grains and hops. A collaboration with Brown’s Brewing, Saison deMiel is a light French saison beer/mead hybrid that is 6% ABV, made with a lighter version of Odin’s Tears. It is very refreshing and perfect for sipping on the patio in the summer.


three bottles in a row

Introducing Alehorn Mead!

This year, AleHorn has asked Helderberg Meadworks to be their official mead producer. So far five different meads have been created and released, with more to come: Longship, a semi-sweet traditional mead; Longship Maple, a seasonal semi-sweet maple mead; Drakkar, a limited edition semi-sweet, winter spiced mead; Valkyrie, a semi-dry hopped mead; and Odin’s Potion, a dry pyment (honey and grape mead).

Look for others to be released soon! Alehorn Meads can be purchased online at www.alehorn.com, or at the Meadhall.




Sat: 12–9pm
Sun: 12–5pm


Thurs–Fri: 5–9pm
Sat: 12–9pm
Sun: 12–5pm


Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day




owner of Herderberg Meadworks with his wife
Peter and Kirsten Voelker

Peter Voelker

Peter Voelker is an engineer by degree. His love for creating something personal and unique combined with a passion for history drove him to experiment with and study mead. He was born in NYC and lived his life in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region. He got his start making homebrew as soon as he graduated college, then branched out into other beverages. He began making mead over 20 years ago and has been perfecting it ever since.

Having discovered through genealogy that he is a descendant of the first King of Norway, Harald Fairhair, Peter developed a mead that he would feel honored to raise in a toast with his ancestor. In honor of that link, the label for Heritage was designed to include the “Swords in Mountain” monument of three bronze swords standing 30 feet tall. That monument was erected in Norway to commemorate King Harald’s historic final battle of Hafrsfjord.