View of Applewood property in the afternoon, with fall foliage and colors.
Applewood Winery
Visit Applewood Winery in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley and discover the oldest working farm in Orange County and one of the oldest farms west of the Hudson River.
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View of Brotherhood Winery grounds with fountain in foreground.
Brotherhood Winery
Brotherhood remains the oldest winery in America, continuously operating from 1839 to today, even throughout Prohibition.
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Image of Bridge at Baldwin Vineyard
Baldwin Vineyards
In 1982, the Baldwins purchased a farm which had been the Hardenburgh Estate since 1786. The estate included a stone home and 18,000 square feet of outbuildings situated on 37 acres of prime alluvial farmland.
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Image of outdoor seating area at Benmarl
Benmarl Winery
Wine has been made from the grapes of the Hudson Valley since the 17th century when the French Huguenots grew vines and made wine in New Paltz.
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Brimstone Hill Vineyard
Brimstone Hill is among the older Hudson Valley vineyards and wineries. The vineyard dates back to 1969 when Richard and Valerie Eldridge planted some 20 varieties of “French hybrid” grapes on approximately a half acre of sloping land.
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Benmarl WInery bottles of Rosé
Rosé: A Versatile Choice in the Glass or On the Table
A perfectly chilled glass of dry, crisp rosé wine invokes dreams of quintessential spring days and steamy summer nights.
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view of Glorie Farm vineyard with barn in background
Quartz Rock Vineyard
Glorie Farm Winery is exactly what lawmakers had in mind when they passed the New York Farm Winery Act of 1976. The new law allowed grape growers in New York to establish wineries and sell directly to the public. In other words: Farm + Winery = Farm Winery.
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Grapes on vine
Nostrano Vineyards
Nostrano Vineyards is a family-owned and operated 75-acre farm, vineyard, and winery in Milton, NY. Although Nostrano Vineyards was established in 2010, winemaker Nic Bozzo’s family has been growing grapes, apples and other fruits on the farm since 1943.
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Robibero Winery
“We are not a wine company therefore we don’t have a corporate mission. We are a family that happens to have a passion for wine. We are a family that loves each other very much. We fight with passion and forgive quickly."
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scene with pond and building in background
Stoutridge Vineyard & Distillery
Stoutridge Vineyard is a premium estate winery and distillery located in Marlboro, NY, 70 miles north of Manhattan. They are members of the Shawangunk Wine Trail, as well as the Meet Me in Marlborough Farm Trail.
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hand holding bottle of rose pouring wine into glass
Whitecliff Vineyard
Hailed as “one of the valley’s most ambitious wineries,” Whitecliff takes pride in being part of a vanguard of innovators who have added European wine grapes, high-quality new hybrids, and complex, European-style wines to the Valley’s traditional focus on fruit wines and sweet wines.
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aerial view of milea estate vineyard
Milea Estate Vineyard
The 98-acre Milea Estate Vineyard is a very successful winery in the historic Hudson River Region, dedicated to capturing the unique, natural environmental benefits of soil, climate, and sunlight to produce outstanding, award-winning wines.
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