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Stoutridge Vineyard & Distillery

Established 2006
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Less than 5,000 cases
Stephen Osborn and
Kim Wagner
Stephen Osborn and
Kim Wagner

Stoutridge Distillery & Winery is a bold leader in high-quality, small-batch spirits and natural wines in the Hudson Valley. They believe in the power of science, art, and local agriculture and are driven by a desire to challenge the status quo. It is their belief that good things take time. The decisions they make work with nature rather than against it. For Stoutridge, details are everything. All of the work from grain and fruit to glass is done on-site, and the majority of ingredients come from the Hudson Valley.

Stoutridge offers a wide range of products that inspire guests to be adventurous. Their process uses a mixture of tradition, innovation, discovery, and sustainability to form uniquely rich and complex flavors. For over twenty years, Stoutridge has been devoted to using the best practices for their products and the planet. They have invested in technology that conserves energy and reduces their environmental impact, and are mindful in everything they do. Guests can explore a wide range of innovative flavors and distinct creations during a trip to the tasting room.

Savor This

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Absinthe Prelude was awarded Double Gold, Best of Category, and Best Specialty Spirit at the American Distilling Institute’s (ADI) 2022 Craft Spirit competition.

To visit the Distillery & Winery is to experience the care and time that has been spent to create Stoutridge—from the restoration of the old farmhouse, vineyard, and winery to the inception of the remarkable distillery. A walk outside will highlight the exceptional grounds that include native plants and a restored local ecosystem. Everything that you see has been meticulously chosen for its long-term contribution to the environment.

The park-like grounds are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and escape the everyday world. Pack a lunch, take a drive, and relax at a picnic table near the pond where you can watch nature while enjoying a bottle of wine. Or enjoy a craft beverage under a tree with a good book. Pets on leashes are welcome to come along. We invite you to visit and experience a flavor adventure.


Certified Green

Stoutridge is proud to be recognized as an Ulster County Certified Green Business!

New Bottled-in-Bond Expressions

The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 was enacted to address adulteration in American whiskey. To meet this standard a spirit must be the product of one distillation season by one distiller at one distillery. It must be aged in a federally bonded warehouse for at least 4 years and bottled at 100 proof. This can only be achieved by a distillery that starts with grain and ends with product in the bottle. This year Stoutridge released six different bottled-in-bond expressions.

Bottled in Bond Bourbon

70/30 Corn/Rye mash aged in Hudson Valley Oak barrels.

Bottled in Bond Rye

80/20 Rye/Corn mash aged in Hudson Valley Oak barrels.

Quartarium Moon

A cognac-style grape brandy finished on Agarwood.

Quartarium Root

Crafted from barley malted in the Stoutridge on-site malt house and aged in used scotch barrels.




Mon–Wed: 12–5pm
Thurs–Sun: 11am–6pm


Thurs–Sun: 11am–6pm


Thanksgiving, Christmas Day



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view of Stephen Osborn in his malting room at Stoutridge Vineyard & Distillery.

Stephen Osborn

Stoutridge subscribes to the Natural Wine philosophy of winemaking using a gravity winemaking approach and no chemical interventions. This philosophy focuses on mastering techniques that help fermentation flavors come to the forefront of the wine, rather than techniques that bring a wine to the marketplace faster.

The Distillery is primarily focused on making world-class single malt and blended whiskies using malt from Stoutridge’s malt house; and Genever-style gins from their own grain mashes and botanical recipes. Stoutridge also makes rye whiskey, which is a New York specialty, and various brandies from locally-grown fruit. They produce delightful vodkas, grain-based and grape-based, as a by-product of whiskey and brandy productions, and from these vodkas they make various gins. Recently Stoutridge launched an innovative portfolio of liqueurs and absinthes.