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Quartz Rock Vineyard

Established 2004; New Ownership 2020; New Name 2022
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Less than 5,000 cases
Dan Heavens and
Jacqui Ferrari Heavens
Daniel Heavens
Megan Lamb (Assistant Winemaker)

Quartz Rock Vineyard produces high-quality estate wine and serves it in a beautiful, welcoming environment, high on a mountain with spectacular panoramic views of the Hudson Valley from every table. One hundred percent of the fruit used in Quartz Rock wines is grown onsite, and the property is also now the home of Bedrock Cidery!

The vineyards and orchards at Quartz Rock are steeped in agriculture dating back to the 1700s. The rocky terrain on the mountain began its transformation to fruit farming in the 1970s under the previous owners, the Glories. Now, the Heavens are continuing the transformation by focusing on growing fruit that results in high-quality wines and ciders. They continue to replant and prepare new sections of the farm to focus on vinifera and traditional cider apples and pears.

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Guided Tasting Experiences! To give you a welcoming, knowledgeable experience with a personal connection, Quartz Rock Vineyard exclusively serves guided tastings instead of flights. Your server will guide you through a tasting by individually pouring and discussing each of the wines with you, and will be there to answer any of your questions.

Quartz Rock Vineyard’s mission is to perform all of their work with kindness and respect for the land, their team and communities, and each other. They give customers the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the land while basking in its beauty. The vibe at Quartz Rock is easy-going and friendly, but the team is hard working and knowledgeable without being pretentious.

To complement the wine and cider, a visit can include live music, a variety of pop-up food options, classes and shows, including fire dance performances, a world-record sword balancing act, poetry workshops, stand-up comedy, and wine tasting and pairing classes.

Doing good in the world – close to home and further afoot – is also the foundation of Quartz Rock Vineyard’s identity. They host fundraisers and awareness events for LGBTQ+ school-aged kids and teens, world poverty and hunger, mental and physical healthcare and housing for US Military Veterans, postpartum support and maternal health, the 9/11 families fund, assistance for victims and survivors of domestic violence, have donated thousands of pounds of fruit to food pantries within Ulster, Orange, and Westchester counties, and are involved with numerous other charitable and advocacy organizations.


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Introducing Bedrock Cidery

Visit the cidery for a farm-to-bottle experience that highlights the orchard fruit used to make Bedrock’s handcrafted ciders and perries! The current menu of six ciders and perries ranges from dry, bottle-conditioned, unfiltered ciders to sweet, crisp blends.

Dry, bottle-conditioned, unfiltered ciders – made from a proprietary blend of apples, these ciders are fermented in the bottle and are unfiltered, with a full body and a crisp finish.
Semi-dry cider (Golden Granny) – this slightly sweet blend of Golden Russet and signature Granny Smith apples pleases both dry and sweet drinkers.

Sweet cider – blend of Mutsu, Winesap, Macoun, Golden Russett, Greening, and Northern Spy apples.

New Release! Rye-barrel aged hard cider – blend of estate apples that tastes like Rye and spiced apples.

Over the last three years, some unique cider apple and pear varieties were planted on Nightingale Farm, including Cox’s Orange Pippin, Yarlington Mills, Redfield (which has a red flesh and makes a red-orange colored juice when pressed), Reine des Pommes, Orleans Reinnette, Gelbmostler, and Normannische. The ciders made from these newly-planted varieties will be ready beginning in 2024.




Sat–Sun: 12–5pm
Holiday Mondays: 12–5pm
Friday and late hours seasonally


New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

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Portrait of Dan Heavens and Jacqui Ferrari Heavens, with view of Quartz Rock Vineyard in the background.

Dan Heavens and Jacqui Ferrari Heavens

Dan and Jacqui are not your typical vineyard proprietors—both are under forty without a family history in wine. Dan grew up on a small family farm in Connecticut, and Jacqui in the Bronx and lower Westchester.

Dan and Jacqui’s goal at Quartz Rock is to produce outstanding wines while staying true to their core values of compassion, dedication, and innovation. They use these values to inform every decision they make.

The couple is grateful to have family who encourage and help them, and they have surrounded themselves with talented, exceptional workers on the farm and at the winery. They are appreciative of everyone on their team.