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Mulling Spices Put the Zing in Holiday Gatherings

As the nights get longer and holiday party planning begins, the long-standing legacy of infusing drinks with mulling spices can be a part of your winter and holiday celebrations. Nothing says ‘welcome’ like walking into a warm house on a cold day and being greeted with the aromas of spiced apple cider or mulled wine brewing on the stove. Now creative holiday hosts are weaving mulling spices into their drink repertoire to create custom cocktails and fun blends.

Mulling spices have been used for centuries in European countries to infuse flavor into apple cider, wine, and spirits as soon as summer turns to fall. Mulled wine is a very old practice that goes back even further. Spices were found in a recently unearthed Egyptian wine jar dating from 5100 B.C. and even the Bible mentions ‘spiced wine.’

Recent scientific studies have shown that the spices used in mulling, like cinnamon and cloves, for example, may have significant health benefits for many individuals. Specifically, they aid in digestion as well as give the body’s immune system much needed extra fortification as the weather grows colder. In fact, Wassail, the European name for mulled spice drinks comes from the phrase, “ves heil” in Old Norse and “was hál” in Old English both meaning, “be in good health.”

One company, Olde Tradition Spice, has been packaging and selling mulling spices for many years to households across North America. Individuals can buy this specially balanced mulling spice mix in ready-to-use teabags—no spice measuring required—and easily and quickly create their own updated signature drinks at home.

“We love when families incorporate Olde Tradition Spice as part of their own winter festive traditions,” says Richard Denchfield, Founder and President of the company. “Our unique formulation and recipes make wonderful drinks, and the aroma and taste of those drinks help create great memories.”

Recipes include the traditional mulling spice drinks like Swedish Glogg, German Wassail, Spicy Eggnog and Hot Toddies—all of which can made with or without alcohol, and inventive new drinks like Spicy Ginger Ale, Carmel Candy Apple Martini, Pumpkin Pie Latte and Peachy Spiced Cider, among others. Find some warming winter recipes here.

Imaginative hosts can also easily come up with delicious mixtures of their own. There are lots of ways to incorporate mulling spices as a part of fall and winter holiday traditions. Here are a few to try out:

  • Bring a crock pot full of apple cider with mulling spices to ladle out at a family or community potluck.
  • Share a mulled spice drink thermos with others during school football and hockey games. You can even create a signature team drink.
  • Create a special house cocktail of mulled wine or hot toddy for holiday parties using Olde Tradition Spice recipes.
  • Spice up the 12 days of Christmas with a different mulled spice drink a day.
  • Give boxes of Olde Tradition Spice mulling spice as hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.

Unlike other alternatives on the market today, Olde Tradition Spice uses only high-quality spices, with no sugar or preservatives added. The spices are carefully formulated to deliver flavorful consistent results and are available as single serve individually wrapped tea bags, ready to use when inspiration strikes.

For more information or to order mulled spices, visit the website or call 1-800-977-1117.

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