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Hitting the Road with Cider Heads Around the Hudson Valley

There are many influencers shaping the palates of contemporary cider drinkers. We reached out to a handful who know the best places to find fermented apples.
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We Kid You Not: Nine Family-Friendly Craft Beverage Spots in Orange County

Read on for nine tasting rooms where you can enjoy a glass of wine, beer, cider, or spirits (or a non-alcoholic beverage) without any whining from the peanut gallery.
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Cue the Heli: The Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Seen (and Done) It All

Independent Helicopters can wow even the most unwow-able with their impressive array of sightseeing tours around the region. Read on for inspo to create your own customizable adventure.
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A Glimpse of the Future from Innovators Shaping the Industry Today

Read on for a look at twelve of the region’s most pioneering craftspeople and industry professionals to get their take on the future of the industry.
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Examining the Past to Discover the Future of Wine

We sat down with J. Stephen Casscles to discuss the second edition of his book, Grapes of the Hudson Valley, and why grape growers should consider New England's native grapes.
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Cultivating Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc wines from the 2020 vintage are proving to be some of the finest the Hudson Valley region has ever produced. Here's why.
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Talking Terroir

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Mirror Lake Inn and The View: An Expression of Terroir

With their casual Adirondack elegance, Mirror Lake Inn and The View are reminiscent of Europe’s finest luxury resorts, where year-round activities, spa services, and classic-yet-creative cuisine administer to body, soul,


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