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Linda Pierro is co-founder, managing editor and design director of Flint Mine Press, Hudson Valley Wine Magazine and the Ultimate Cider Guide. She is a co-founder of the Hudson Valley Cabernet Franc Coalition and writes on local wine and spirits. Linda is a design and marketing professional working in the Hudson Valley and NYC with more years of experience under her belt than she cares to think about.

Linda Pierro

view of Jonathan Lander, assistant winemaker at Robibero Family Vineyards, standing by barrels

The Next Crop

They may have come to the Hudson Valley for its vibrant viticulture, but it’s the people—and the collaborative community—that’s making them stay.

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Assorted bottles of fruit wine from Brookview Station Winery

A Decade of Change

If you’ve ever driven extensively around the Hudson Valley, chances are you hit a GPS dead zone en route to your destination, only to find yourself delighted to be wherever you ended up.

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View of instructor pointing out the art of pruning to a group of people, at Millbrook Vineyard & Winery

Beyond the Bottle

It’s not just carefully cultivated grapes, grains, berries, apples, and other fruits that lend flavor and variety to the craft beverages produced in the amazing Hudson Valley…

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