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Spring 2020

Imagine it. Lounging with friends on a sunny patio, sipping a new beverage that you love. Unfortunately in the days of COVID-19, this daydream is postponed.
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Fall 2019

FALL FOR HUDSON VALLEY WINE. There’s something about fall that feels festive, especially in the Hudson Valley. Every weekend, the calendar is crammed with fairs and festivals set among colorful
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Summer 2019

SUMMER PLANS "TBD"? You get 14 weekends this summer to get out and have fun. Where to start? Online, of course.
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Spring 2019

WAKE UP! That’s what we’re thinking, as we look at the remnants of snow outside our windows. We’ve been doubting Punxsutawney Phil’s early spring declaration all along, but we take
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Winter 2018

THE NICE LIST. We’ve done our best to be good this year…we’ve certainly been busy trying! We published the 10th Anniversary issues of Hudson Valley Wine Magazine, as well as a
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Fall 2018

IT’S NOT FALL UNTIL… How would you finish that sentence? Here at Hudson Valley Wine Magazine, we don’t call it fall until we’ve spent a day (or several) at an
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Summer 2018

SAVOR THE DAYS. Summer means more hours to spend outdoors, savoring the scenery that earns the Hudson Valley world renown. Toasting these superlative vistas seems only appropriate, so in this
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Spring 2018

PROMISES, PROMISES. When we launched the first issue of Hudson Valley Wine Magazine ten years ago, we promised to keep our readers on top of craft beverage trends and news coming from
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