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Tag: Whitecliff Vineyards

Cabernet Franc grapes hanging from the vine, at Glorie Farm Winery.

Can We Be Franc?

The verdant, hilly climes of the Hudson Valley are known and praised for many things. The beauty of its rolling, roiling namesake river; its famed mid-nineteenth century naturalist art movement; its acres of multi-generational fruit orchards and dairy farms; and, lately, as the celebrated place of culinary inspiration for chefs like Dan Barber and Zak Palaccio.

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Landscape of grape vineyards at Millbrook Winery, with fall colors.

Vines of the Times

Delicate grapes, through assiduous hands-on maintenance, the use of rigorous scientific analysis, plus the trademark Hudson Valley pioneer and cooperative spirit, are reaching their full flavor potential in the Hudson Valley.

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Photo of red building and trench-in-progress, at Whitecliff Vineyard, with Shawangunk mountains in the background.

Designing Wineries

The Hudson Valley has long sparkled in our country’s crown of priceless jewels. And as the country continues to find its footing economically, the Hudson Valley’s proximity to New York City has attracted an increasing amount of foot traffic from curious vacationers eager to explore their backyard.

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