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Nostrano Vineyards

Established 2010
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Nicolas and Kayleigh Bozzo
Nicolas J. Bozzo

Nostrano Vineyards is a family-owned and operated 75-acre farm, vineyard, and winery in Milton, NY. Although Nostrano Vineyards was established in 2010, winemaker Nic Bozzo’s family has been growing grapes, apples and other fruits on the farm since 1943. Nic himself grew up on the farm and is the fourth generation in his family to carry on the fruit growing tradition on this piece of land.

Even in the early days of the farm, the family made some wine for themselves using their own grapes, but it wasn’t until Nic studied landscape design in New Zealand that he began to envision creating a vineyard back home. Today, Nostrano grows ten acres of wine grapes, three acres of seedless table grapes, and six apple varietals that are original to the property.

Savor This

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Nostrano Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir was planted in a unique microclimate located in front of the original family homestead on a south-facing slope. With protection from the mountain and full sunlight throughout the growing season the fruit offers vibrant floral notes and a delicate yet sophisticated finish. A true expression of the Hudson River region and terroir.

Although Nic prefers not to put suggestions into tasters’ heads of what flavors they should be picking up on when they enjoy his wines, he can’t help but notice how his farm’s legacy of fruit production reveals itself in the bottles. “Maybe it’s just my memories, but the grapes that come from where we had peaches planted for years, I’m always catching a hint of peaches from the Rieslings we make from those grapes,” he said. “With the Cab Franc, I’m tasting the black cherries and red currants that were there. So I’m taking some of the past and putting it towards the future to tell the story of how a farm changes over time.”

Nic and his wife Kayleigh, who is the tasting room and events manager, run the day-to-day operation at Nostrano Vineyards and reside on the property with their family. The Tasting Room sits atop a picturesque hill overlooking a serene farm and vineyard vista. Visitors can enjoy estate wines, local cheese and charcuterie boards, and regular live music indoors at a rustic chic tasting bar or al fresco taking in the beautiful Hudson Valley scenery.

Nostrano Vineyards operates a seasonal wedding venue on-site offering a truly unique and personalized experience with complete privacy in Hudson Valley’s wine country.


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Rustic Red

Rustic Red — a full-bodied Bordeaux blend of the last of Nostrano Vineyards Cabernet Franc (the signature grape of the Hudson Valley!), Merlot and Syrah, with a juicy mouthfeel, spicy, fruity overtones, and a dry finish. It’s the perfect drink-now blend or cellar for later.

ARAE — Coming in 2023!

Look for the premier release of Nostrano Vineyards Pétillant Naturel produced from estate-grown Riesling early next year.




Sat–Sun: 11am–5pm


Thurs–Fri: 12–8pm
Sat–Sun: 11am–5pm


Fri: 12–8pm
Sat–Sun: 11am–5pm


January, New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

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Nicolas Bozzo

Nic is Nostrano Vineyard’s proprietor, grape grower, and resident winemaker. He completed his B.L.A from SUNY ESF at Syracuse University and studied Winery Design & Eco-Agriculture tourism in New Zealand. “When I was studying landscape architecture, I realized that it pertained to pretty much every aspect of your life,” he said. “Everywhere you look, it’s landscape architecture.” Nic’s case study for school involved designing vineyards, which meant studying everything from how wine is made, to how the driveway into the winery needs to have different focal points.

With his interest in sustainability and land management, Nic has been utilizing his knowledge to design and establish the vineyard and boutique winery, joking that the vineyard now doubles as his giant landscape architecture project to work on for the rest of his life. When Nic isn’t in the production warehouse you can find him pruning grape vines, operating heavy equipment, or handcrafting reclaimed wood furniture for the farm and vineyard.