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City Winery Hudson Valley

Established 2020
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CITY WINERY HUDSON VALLEY is located in Montgomery, NY, at the historic Montgomery Worsted Mills. The scenic 22-acre property consists of a fully functioning winery, restaurant, tasting room and event venue. City Winery strives to deliver a unique high-end culinary and cultural experience to guests who are passionate about wine, music, and food. By combining a winery with intimate experiences and fine dining, City Winery has created a compelling venue for their sophisticated clientele.

The Hudson Valley property is designed to integrate the winemaking process with consumption and enjoyment of wine. Guests can wander from the winery into the Barrel Room tasting bar and restaurant, where they can try house wines served fresh on tap, straight from the cellar. The culinary team pairs wines with flavorful dishes to complement each glass. Tasting flights are offered to sample the many wines made in-house, along with an award-winning wine list featuring over 400 wines from many of the top producers from all over the world.

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2021 Reserve Zinfandel – a classic Zinfandel! This wine opens with a bold nose full of baking spice, fresh berries, and brown sugar. On the palate, the wine is supple and rich, with loads of cinnamon and cola notes with hints of mushroom. Full of bold flavors, dark fruit, and beautiful spiciness, this wine will satisfy those customers coming in for a “BIG RED.”

In the continuous effort of sustainability, City Winery is preserving the earth one glass of wine at a time. All locations have implemented the use of “wine on tap” to negate the production of wine in bottles. Seventy percent of wine produced goes directly into 15- to 30-gallon barrels after the wine has finished the clarification process. All the energy and gas used to create, fill, seal, label and transport the bottles is unused. This furthers City Winery’s sustainability efforts by saving almost 300,000 bottles per year.

In addition, City Winery’s reusable wine bottle program, Re-Wine, allows Hudson Valley customers to take wine-to-go, return the bottle to be washed and sanitized, and then receive a five-dollar credit towards their next bottle. By utilizing their direct-to-consumer venues, City Winery is paving the path to become the most environmentally efficient winery in the world. With its growler exchange program, City Winery is able to offer customers an on-the-go bottle of wine and eliminate the shipping of heavy glass bottles and corks. The effort to help enrich the earth is ongoing at City Winery Hudson Valley.


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Jefferson Cup Invitational Awards

Often referred to as the “Olympics” of wine competitions, The Jefferson Cup Invitational is the only competition that honors the best of the best from wine regions across America. This competition is not open to every winery, rather, winners are selected from tastings and competitions throughout 2022.

The 2022 competition included wines from twenty-five states. Forty-one wines from 10 different states captured top honors. City Winery garnered eight awards in the 2022 competition.




Wed–Thurs: 4–9pm
Fri–Sat: 11:30am–10pm
Sun: 11am–9pm


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Travis Van Caster is a skilled and creative winemaker who currently serves as the Head Winemaker at City Winery Hudson Valley. With over 10 years of experience in the wine industry, Travis has become well-versed in both traditional and modern winemaking techniques. He has a passion for crafting unique and high-quality wines that capture the essence of the terroir and reflect the characteristics of the grape varieties he works with.

At City Winery Hudson Valley, Travis oversees the entire winemaking process, from grape selection to bottling. Travis’s commitment to quality and his deep understanding of the winemaking process have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a talented and respected winemaker in the industry.