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Baldwin Vineyards

Established 1982
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Tasting Fee
$10 for 6 wines, with glass
$15 for 12 wines, with glass
Less than 5,000 cases
Wendy and Alex Landolina
Alex Landolina

In 1982, the Baldwins purchased a farm which had been the Hardenburgh Estate since 1786. The estate included a stone home and 18,000 square feet of outbuildings situated on 37 acres of prime alluvial farmland. In the 30+ years since, Baldwin Vineyards has garnered awards for their Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, Brut Champagne, Port, and a dozen other wines, as well as pioneered New York’s entry into the premium fruit wine category.

Savor This

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With 3.5 pounds of strawberries in every bottle, Baldwin’s Strawberry Wine boasts a complexity that appeals even to those who normally turn their nose up at dessert wines. And for sweet wine fans who find even sangria to be too dry, Baldwin’s line of fruit wines will open up a whole new world of multi-dimensional sweetness.

The Baldwins’ philosophy on fruit wines, which began a trend throughout the entire Northeast, was to vinify fruit wines as premium varietal wines, rather than the traditional method of adding water and other less expensive fruit juices to bring down the cost. Instead of making the fruit wines dry, as was the tradition, the Baldwins finished their fruit wines so they tasted like the fruit they started from.

Starting with their Strawberry Wine in 1985, they have since added Apple, Blueberry, Black Raspberry, and Spiced Apple wines which have also won many more awards over the years. The Black Raspberry Wine has won numerous gold medals in wine competitions, including a Gold Medal at the International Eastern Wine Competition. Their Raspberry Wine took the Gold at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

But their original fruit wine, Strawberry, continues to be their most acclaimed offering. It’s won Double Gold at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, a Silver Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, “Best Fruit Wine in New York State” at the New York Food and Wine Classic, and a Gold Medal as well as the Chairman’s Award for “Best of Category” at The Long Beach Grand Cru International Wine Competition. The Beverage Testing Institute has awarded it 88/100 points.


Strawberry, Chocolate & Wine Festivals

Recognizing that wine goes best with food, the Baldwins started a tradition in 2006 to have frequent Strawberry, Chocolate & Wine Festivals, which involve tasting twelve of their wines accompanied by three chocolate/strawberry desserts.

The food makes all the vibrant flavors in the wines stand out, and the desserts taste much better accompanied by the various wines. Imagine tasting cheesecake with a Port, strawberry shortcake with Brut Champagne or Late Harvest Riesling, or chocolate desserts with Strawberry or Black Raspberry Wine.




Daily 12-5


January–March, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day


Strawberry, Chocolate & Wine Festivals

Every last weekend in the month, and every weekend in August and October

Staff Picks

  • Chardonnay 2016
  • Mist Di Greco
  • Pinot Grigio 2017
  • Memories 2016
  • Blush
  • Embers
  • Claret 2017
  • Port 2017
  • Apple Wine
  • Strawberry Wine
  • Rasberry Wine
  • Spiced Apple Wine
  • Joseph's Vintage 2017 Late Harvest Riesling


Portrait of winemaker Alex Landolino from Baldwin Winery.
Winemaker Alex Landolina

Pat and Jack Baldwin were living in New Jersey in 1981, enjoying wine as a hobby since their first visit to Europe in 1974 had started their love affair with wine. As Director of Les Amis du Vins’ premier new chapter, Pat had 100 members who met monthly to taste the world’s great wines. After visiting one of the dozen wineries in New York’s Hudson River region at the time, Pat remarked, “That would be a nice way to live.” Two years later, Baldwin Vineyards opened and the Baldwins sold out of their first year’s wine in a few months.

In December 2014 the torch was passed, and the second generation of Baldwin winemakers took the helm. Pat and Jack’s daughter, Wendy Baldwin-Landolina and her husband Alex Landolina have studied for many years under the tutelage of their parents. Now they are ready to share the same fine crafted wines that the Baldwin family has created for the last 35 years.