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Applewood Winery

Established 1994
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View of Applewood property in the afternoon, with fall foliage and colors.
Tasting Fee
$8 for 5 tastes; $10 with glass
5,000 to 10,000 cases
Jonathan and Michele Hull
Jonathan Hull

Visit Applewood Winery in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley and discover the oldest working farm in Orange County and one of the oldest farms west of the Hudson River. The Hull family and their friends began planting fruit trees in former pastures in 1949. In 1994, the winery was created and vineyards planted. Remarkably, the vistas from the vineyards today have changed little from the time before George Washington was born.

When Applewood first started making wine they had two goals in mind: To make some really great wines and to have as much fun as possible doing so. Now they want to share their passion for wine and make it an easy, enjoyable experience for you and your friends and family.

Savor This

grape icon in white

Traminette is a white hybrid known for its versatility. It’s spicy with floral aromas and notes of lychee, apricot, and honey. Pair it with a Thai Noodle dish with fresh veggies in a spicy peanut sauce made with ginger, honey, soy, rice vinegar and chili garlic oil, and it’s the staff’s favorite pairing of 2019 (so far)!

When you visit Applewood you get to taste wine right where it comes from. You’ll find plenty of true connoisseurs in Applewood’s tasting room: People who know what they like and don’t need a wine critic’s review to justify it. Applewood’s wine is not expensive or French, and you don’t need to know an insider to get it. Novices can learn about the world of wine in a comfortable setting, and even the most jaded imbiber will find a rich and complex tasting experience.

Food is constantly talked about in Applewood’s tasting room, almost as much as they talk about their wines. Applewood offers a universe of experiences – food pairing weekends, tasting classes, and a Cider Café. For cider lovers, the Cider Bar is always open offering flights, pints, and growler fills of Naked Flock Hard Cider. Rotating tap lines feature new and seasonal ciders on a regular basis.

It gives everyone at Applewood Winery great pleasure to share with you their harvest of wine and cider. Of course, you can just hang out and listen to live music in the courtyard, too.


Photo of 4 colorful cans of different cider's from Naked Flock cider.

Introducing a New Look for Naked Flock Hard Cider!

Naked Flock’s vibrant new look reflects the flavors inside! All available in 12-ounce four-packs this fall: Smashed Cherry Mead, honey wine blended with tart cherry juice; Draft Cider, semi-dry, fermented with Belgian Ale yeast and a touch of organic maple syrup; Pumpkin, semi-sweet with roasted pumpkin and pumpkin spice; and semi-dry Rosé with Hibiscus flowers and currant juice to give it a modest blush.

Canned ciders are easy to transport — perfect for outdoor adventures, hikes,  picnics, and leaf-peeping expeditions. Naked Flock’s new in-house canning line allows for endless possibilities. Next year, look for limited release, small batch ciders and even a few Applewood wines in cans!




Wed–Sun: 11–5pm


Daily: 11–5pm


New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day

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Image of a man and women at Applewood

Jonathan and Michelle Hull

Jonathan and Michele Hull are the owners of Applewood Winery. Jonathan grew up on the farm at Applewood and moved to New York City to attend NYU. When he met Michele, his idea of a gourmet meal was takeout. But Michele worked at the famous Windows on The World restaurant, and was wise in the ways of food and wine.

Living in New York City was a great learning experience, but Jonathan yearned to return to his agricultural roots. With his newfound love of wine that Michelle had instilled in him, Jonathan hit on the idea of opening a winery on the family farm. The prodigal son returned home and opened the winery with Michele’s gracious hand guiding the tasting room. She’s been welcoming guests to the tasting room ever since, and Jonathan has been on the cutting edge of the Craft Beverage Movement in Orange County for over 20 years now.