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12 New Releases to Look Forward to this Summer

bottle of brown liquor on rock

While tastings were halted when businesses were closed due to the pandemic, production was not. In fact, many makers have been busy crafting brand new products or are eagerly waiting to release new vintages of popular bottlings this summer. Seek these out and show some Hudson Valley spirit (pun intended)!

Bottle of Milea 10 Point Gin

Milea Estate 
10 Point Gin

Distilled and curated from distiller and cider maker Ed Evans using Milea-grown grapes and sustainable botanicals in small batches, and then aged in Chardonnay barrels.

Bottle of red wine with vintage corkscrew on wood trivet

Nostrano Vineyards
2017 Estate Cabernet Franc

This fruit-forward vintage presents notes of tart cherry and red plum with herbal tannins finishing smoky and bittersweet. A bold expression of the Hudson River Region with aromas of earthiness and graphite, and rich color.


Three bottles of Benmarl pink wine

Benmarl Winery
2019 Cabernet Franc Petillant

Dominated by aromas of strawberry, blood orange, and ruby red grapefruit, the bright acidity is balanced by a rich mouthfeel, encouraged by the presence of yeast lees in the bottom of the bottle. The gentle effervescence makes it a great party wine, yet refreshing to drink without ceremony.

White Merlot wine label with black tree logoith

Palaia Winery
Merlot A-Go-Go

Tapping into the musical vibe Palaia is known for, this fun, new release is an homage to the group dance parties and concerts of a few months past.

Bottle of Warwick pink gin

Black Dirt Distillery
Gin Pig

Balanced spice and sweetness with hints of strawberry and rose petals. Perfect for cocktails or on the rocks.

bottle of Stoutridge Amer liquor on a rock

Stoutridge Distillery
“Amer” Amaro

“It is notable for not being overly sweet as many are,” says co-owner and distiller, Stephen Osborn. “Use half a shot where you would usually add a dash of bitters.” When asked if this is the first amaro made in the Hudson Valley, he replied, “It just may be! We released a pastis in June. That’s a first, for sure!”

whitecliff logo with gold border

Whitecliff Vineyard
2019 Traminette and 2019 Dry Rosé

“The Traminette is a classic of the varietal—bright, refreshing, and aromatic, a little sweet and a little tart at the same time,” says co-owner, Yancey Stanforth-Migliore. “The latter has bold color and flavor, in a departure from the Provençal style, with plenty of raspberry on the palate. Both are perfect for summer!”

Two bottles of Gloire Farm wine on table with view

Glorie Farm Winery 
Sunrise Cabernet Franc and Sunset Cabernet Franc

“The idea to keep the Cab Francs separate came during the taste trials when it became apparent to (previous owner and now consultant) MaryEllen Glorie that they had very different taste profiles,” says co-owner Ferrari Heavens.

black bottle with glow in the dark label

Helderberg Meadworks
Loki’s Lure

A blend of coffee from Wired Coffee Roasters and roasted cacao from Cacao Vita. “It has a wonderful coffee nose that is strong but doesn’t take over your senses,” says owner, Peter Voelker. Bonus: The label glows in the dark.

harvest spirits logo

Harvest Spirits
10-Year-Old Applejack

“This will be New York’s oldest [applejack] to my knowledge,” says distiller Derek Grout.

Bottles and cans of wine

Brotherhood Winery
#Bae Sparkling Rosé and #Bae Riesling

Luscious fruits and flowery notes pair perfectly with summer fare. Enjoy these refreshing wines by the bottle or can.



Robibero Winery
2019 New Yorkie Rosé

A dry rosé with bright acidity, made in the style of Provence. A super anytime sipper.


Top photo: Courtesy Stoutridge Vineyard & Distillery

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