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This Autumn, Fall in Love

By Michael "Ty, the Wine Guy" Taiani

The consensus is unanimous. Just ask those who work, live, and play here in New Yorks picturesque Hudson Valley in the Fall, this is simply the best place to be. And with a list of diverse activities that could possibly stretch the length of West Points Army football field, who could disagree? Moreover, theres something for every person, with every interest.

The first days of the season open with apple-picking and large street fairs. Dont like crowds? Then how about a leisurely stroll through the Mohonk Mountain Preserve with its breathtaking views of the Shawangunk range? Are you more adventurous? Then perhaps a ride in a hot air balloon that floats several hundred feet above the valley is for you. Add a toast with a glass of Hudson Valley Blanc de Blancs or light sparkling wine, and wowthat will definitely satisfy your need for excitement!

For something more cultured, the playhouses, art galleries, and performing art centers here are all in full swing in the Fall. And for the naturalist, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails to trek. The next time youre out on a trail, try pairing a picnic basket of delicious light foods with a chilled bottle of Hudson Valley Seyval Blanc or a crisp Chardonnay.

Do you see the connection yet? Yes, there are many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Fall season in the Hudson Valley with your favorite Hudson Valley wine. Take a cue from my own Fall to-do list: Enjoy a complete days outing to one or more Hudson Valley wineries or distilleries. Imagine a bright blue sky on a sunny day, Indian summer temperatures, trees in a full palette of oranges, reds, yellows all as you drive along meandering country roads to a destination of wine! But wait, not so fastdont just jump into the car and turn the key. As with any trip, you should have an itinerary. So start by perusing this issue or visiting the web site ( for a listing of Hudson Valley wineries and distillers, as well as their locations, tasting room hours, product portfolios, and any upcoming events they might be having before their winter hibernation.

Complete your itinerary by including a stop for a solid lunch (or brunch). A common sense rule says wine tasting on an empty pit is not only discouraged, its dangerous. When alcohol enters a dry bloodstream, it does so at an enormous rate of speed the so-called woosh feeling. So please, play it safe and enjoy an awesome meal at one of the many outstanding restaurants on the way to the tasting room, where by chance, you might find me as well.

Now I did say a complete day, and being a Pisces the most romantic of all the sun signs how can I not recommend reserving a room for the night at one of the many B&Bs or fine hotels the Hudson Valley has to offer?

Wherever your itinerary takes you, enjoy the Fall in the Hudson Valley!


Michael Taiani Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), aka Ty the Wine Guy, is a food and wine consultant and marketer. Assisting people with food and wine is his passion.

Hudson Valley Wine magazine Summer 2014 issue

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