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2009 has been a year of contrasts. We kicked off the year with celebrations of the Hudson Valley's Quadricentennial, and amid the local fireworks and fanfare discovered a world in economic distress. We looked forward to a season of healthy spring showers and the promise of a sun-drenched summer, yet found ourselves in July still waiting to dry out. We hoped for lemonade, and well, let's just say we're still waiting for the lemons.

Yet despite those early months of uncertainty and surprise, we still managed to find many things in the Hudson Valley that remain not only constant and secure, but defyingly upbeat, and positive.

In the world of agriculture and tourism, if wine in the Hudson Valley was a barometer, we'd have nothing to fret about. More and more people are discovering the wineries and vineyards of the Hudson Valley; more people are learning about our local wines; and once again more awards are being won by our wineries than ever before. With more coverage from the media, and online by bloggers and tweeters, exposure at the growing number of festivals, and with more restaurants and wine shops offering local wines - it's clear that Hudson Valley wine has hit a new stride in 2009.

And contrary to the naysayers and the pessimists, Hudson Valley Wine magazine has gained many new supporters, sponsors, advertisers and friends this Quadricentennial year. Despite these difficult times, the merchants and vendors you'll see throughout each issue believe in the promise of Henry Hudson's Valley. We value their support and urge you to shop, eat, drink, stay, play and patronize these local businesses to keep the spirit of the Hudson Valley alive and kicking.

So while the Quadricentennial year begins to wind down, you can see we all still have a lot to celebrate!

Linda Pierro
Managing Editor

Hudson Valley Wine magazine Summer 2014 issue

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