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Spring is a time for Discovery. Exploration. Awakening. This spring, more than ever, we'll celebrate a year of discovery and exploration made famous by the historic voyage of Henry Hudson four hundred years ago. It was Spring 1609, (April 6, to be exact) when the skillful English explorer left the shores of Amsterdam on a small ship called the Half Moon, never expecting what he was to eventually discover.

Four hundred years later we still marvel at his discovery - the majestic river we now simply call "The Hudson" - and its role in our everyday lives. It never ceases to amaze me how much uncharted territory still abounds in the Hudson Valley, how many new places there are to explore and how many new things there are to discover. And despite the economy, how many new-aged explorers are making discoveries of their own, with progressive techniques and practices - in agriculture, green technology, sustainable living, and of course, in the world of grape growing and winemaking.

In this first issue of 2009, we'll feature talents from our own Hudson Valley: The Convivial Table, by cookbook author and resident, Brigit Binns, who relishes cooking in her kitchen overlooking the Hudson; Valentine on Wine, offers straight talk on wine by local expert, Susan Valentine; Steve Casscles continues to educate us on native, and not-so-native grapes for making Hudson Valley wines; and artist Wendy Presseisen paints a vivid picture that evokes Spring along the Hudson for our feature story by winemaker/author, Carlo De Vito.

You'll Also learn about twelve wineries to explore this season. It's a perfect time to visit, as the vineyards slowly awaken and new wines are released. While you're there, be sure to look for the special Hudson Valley wines with the gold label commemorating this historic vintage.

Enjoy our new issue and celebrate a Spring in the Hudson Valley that would make Henry proud.


Linda Pierro
Managing Editor

Hudson Valley Wine magazine Summer 2014 issue

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