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Peter and Kirsten Voelker


Peter Voelker


Peter Voelker

Established 2012 Helderberg Meadworks ABOUT US

HELDERBERG MEADWORKS BEGAN as an idea. Due to a lack of big and bold old-world style mead in the market, owner and meadmaker Peter Voelker spent many years creating his own personal mead varieties that suited his tastes. Wondering if there were other like-minded mazers and quaffers, he, along with Kirsten, his wife and co-owner, decided to begin the journey of producing a commercial mead. The journey began in 2010 with Heritage, their signature mead, first available in stores by late 2012. What a delight it was for them to find out just how many other people had been searching for mead such as theirs!

Helderberg’s primary philosophy is to create mead modeled after the process and recipes likely to have been made hundreds, and even thousands, of years ago, using modern equipment and today's knowledge. With that ideal, they use only raw and local ingredients. Every batch of Helderberg mead is hand-made.

The name Heritage and the product’s label describe Peter's lineage as a direct descendant of Harald Fairhair, the first King of a united Norway. Many consider Heritage to be the only old-world mead available and it has won accolades from Scandinavian transplants in New York, as well as many others who seek a big and bold mead.

Helderberg has since expanded their range to include Apple, Maple, and Feral meads—each made with local ingredients and unique in their own way. Water is fresh, and the honey, maple syrup, and cider they use are all from local farms. The Feral mead even uses their own strain of yeast that was captured and cultivated at the meadery. The local and raw aspect of all of ingredients lends a certain amount of variability to the meads. While remaining true to their flavor profile and recipe, every batch tastes slightly different. This uniqueness is celebrated by changing the wax color of each batch of Heritage.

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2016 marks the beginning of Helderberg Meadworks’ entry into competitions, and they have taken medals in nearly every competition entered, including the Finger Lakes International and Mead Free or Die. Each of their meads is worthy of winning and now they have medals for all!


Expanding their product line while keeping the ingredients local, Helderberg now also crafts their own hard cider, available on a limited basis until the tasting room is open. Perfecting the recipes over the past few years, they currently produce both apple and pear cider using traditional methods to create full-bodied, flavorful semi-dry ciders. Look for these ciders at festivals and events!


Helderberg's most daring creation! Multi-awardwinning Feral was created using a local strain of yeast captured and cultivated by Peter, the meadmaker. It's a rambunctious hyper-local mead fitting of its name. Intended to best replicate a mead that was possible hundreds of years ago, the flavor begins with the aromas of citrus fruit that blend with a semi-dry local honey undertow. The wild nature is immediately evident as you hunt to rationalize what this unique creation tastes like. It is like nothing else.

Enjoyed at a slight chill, it pairs well with all types of seafood, as well as farmer’s cheeses, such as local goat cheese.

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