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200 acre apple farm


1,500 cases


Derek Grout


Derek Grout

Harvest Spirits Distillery
Harvest Spirits Distillery
Established 2006 ABOUT US

LOCATED ON A FAMILY APPLE FARM in the fertile Hudson Valley, Harvest Spirits benefits by having all of our ingredients grown steps from our doorstep. Our third-generation apple farm benefits by having a new market for our cider apples and increased traffic to our retail farm store. Harvest Spirits and Golden Harvest Farms work closely with several local farms. We promote strong ties among our local farmers and share information readily, from tree to bottle.

Our small distillery is a very modern work of art. Though it can only distill one hundred gallons at a time, it is flexible and precise enough to create virtually any kind of liquor, from from vodka and brandy to whiskey and gin. Apples offer us the perfect component and a unique opportunity to control our process from harvesting all natural ingredients to triple-distilling our vodka in our custom designed German still.

We focus primarily on vodka, and every drop in every bottle of Core Vodka is meticulously and passionately hand-crafted using nothing but the apples grown steps from our distillery, and filtered water, to create a vodka with a smoother, softer spirit and an authentic flavor. The final result vodka that greets your mouth with a rich, buttery start and leaves your palette with a subtle hint of its fruit origin.

Both our un-aged Pear Brandy (40% alc) and our 2-year-old Rare Pear Brandy (40% alc) are made from fresh local pears. While the un-aged pear brandy is made from just Bartlett pears, our Rare Pear Brandy is made from Bosc and Bartlett pears with a touch of aged Grappa. We capture the full flavor of ripe pears by fermenting whole, crushed fruit (instead of mere juice). Big, bold pear aromas in the bouquet develop into a rich mouthfeel and finish with a surprisingly smooth satisfaction.

Inspired by German Himbeergeist, our black raspberry infused vodka is made by soaking home-grown black raspberries in our Core Vodka. We then redistill the vodka and back color it with a touch of the original berry juice. Core Black Raspberry (40% alc) is a truly unique infused vodka: rich berry aromas layer over a delicate, smooth spirit.

Our Peach Applejack (30% alc) is made by soaking fresh peaches in 2-year-old applejack. The peaches are strained and the liquor is put back in the barrel for another year. Slightly sweet and less alcoholic than our other products, our Peach Applejack has bright, fresh flavors of baked peach pie with layers of oak and spice. Delicious on its own or mixed with Champagne in a Bellini.

We carefully distill our Cornelius Applejack (40% alc) twice, offering a smoother, more satisfying take on this American classic. Made from 100% Hudson Valley apples, our applejack rests in bourbon barrels for two years. Each bottle is made from over 60 lbs. of fresh apples grown right outside our distillery.

We invite you to come in for a tour and taste some of our latest creations.


A collaboration with Hudson-Chatham Winery, our Italian-inspired spirit is made of the left-overs from making wine. Grape skins are pulled out of the wine, soaked in water, making a second wine. This is twice distilled, rendering a spirit loaded with flavors or sun-dried raisins, date and apricot. Although grappa is often compared to harsh, homemade hootch, our Grappa is comparably mellow and smooth a modern revision of a true classic.


Back in the day when all apple cider was fermented to one degree or another, cider houses stored barrels indoors and outdoors. During the long New York winter months, the barrels outdoors would partially freeze the center of the barrel remaining liquid, concentrating alcohol and flavors. Over the past three winters, we've been rediscovering the lost art of making traditional applejack, by freezing our hard cider in small batches. Aged in small 15-gallon barrels, our Old Scrumpy Traditional Applejack (17% alc) drinks like a port made from fresh apples. Aromas of cedar humidor and tobacco wrapper open up to a rich, apple-pie flavor and finishes with a velvety baked apple aftertaste.

Harvest Spirits Distilery Harvest Spirits Distilery Harvest Spirits Distilery

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