21 Second Street
Athens, NY 12015






Mon–Thurs, 4–9pm;
Fri, 4–10pm;
Sat, 1–10pm; Sun 1–9pm


Tuesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas


Free, Saturdays
between 1–4pm
(call ahead)


850 barrels


Janine Bennett, Ken Landin


Hutch Kugeman


Paul Parillo

Crossroads Brewing Company
Established 2010ABOUT US

AFTER YEARS OF SEARCHING for a suitable property to build their dream, Ken Landin and Janine Bennett purchased the historic Brooks Opera House in October of 2009. A year of renovations later, Crossroads Brewing Company opened with a 7 barrel brew house and a small tasting room, with the first taste being poured in October of 2010. Renovations continued with their pub opening in June of 2011, then finally the full kitchen and restaurant in June 2012. This unique building has once again become the pride of this beautiful riverside village just as it was in 1893. The walls are filled with old photos of Athens, as it was in its heyday, and many of their customers are thrilled to find their own relatives among the snapshots.

The name Crossroads has several different meanings to Ken and Janine. Most simply, it came from being at a crossroads in life and deciding to choose the path that headed towards their dream of opening a brewery. But more deeply, it’s about the journey and choices that bring a person to where they are at that moment in their life. It’s about direction, purpose and choosing to make a difference. They have an unshakable dedication to supporting their community which has shaped the business into what it is today with its loyal following that continues to grow.

Crossroads is proud to feature meats, cheeses and produce from several small farms in the Hudson Valley on their menu. They have 10 of their own brews on tap and a few New York State wines as well. They’ll be adding a handful of local liquors to the lineup before the summer. Their customers enjoy knowing that when they support Crossroads, they are supporting the incredible farming and artisan heritage that the valley is known for. Their craft brews are also available at several bars and restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley. Check our website for a complete list.

Along with their other weekly specials, Crossroads’ awardwinning Head Brewer, Hutch Kugeman, taps a fresh cask brew every Thursday. Cask ale starts out the same as any other, but instead of being force carbonated near the end of the brew process, it’s put in a cask and allowed a secondary fermentation which creates natural carbonation. The cask ale is also served slightly warmer than draft which helps bring out the complex flavors of the beer. Most weeks, the customer can try the cask brew along side the draft and taste the difference themselves.

Tune in! Co-owner Ken Landin takes to the airwaves on the third Tuesday of every month to host Hudson Valley Tap Talk on WGXC 90.7FM. The program includes discussions with brewers, hop farmers and distillers from throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond. If you’re out of the listening area, you can listen live at



Hutch hand bottles a different beer for his Brewer's Reserve Series for limited release each month. You can take your bottle to


2014 World Beer Cup
   Gold Medal: Best
   Foreign Style
   Stout – Black Rock Stout
   TAP NY Silver Medal
   Best Craft Beer in the
   Hudson Valley:
   Outrage IPA
2013 Hudson River Craft
   Beer Festival

   Second Place: Outrage IPA
   Great American Beer

   Bronze Medal: Belgian
   Style Saison
2012 Hunter Beer & Wine

   Best Brewery
2011 Mathew Vassar Cup
   Best Brewery in the
   Hudson Valley
   TAP NY – Best Beer
   New York State:

   Bronze Medal
   John Calen Award
   Best IPA New York
   Hudson Valley Magazine
   Best Brewery in the
   Hudson Valley
   Greene County
   Planning Board

   Ellen Rettus Planning
   Achievement Award

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