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Sumptuous Summer Salad

By Josyane Colwell,
EXECUTIVE CHEF Le Moulin Event Planning & Catering

Nothing truly compares to Provence in the summer. High in the hills, perched on terraces overlooking the Mediterranean sit dozens of open-air cafés and resorts, like La Colombe D’or, the stunning stone landmark resting on a precipice in a tuckedaway corner of St. Paul-de-Vence, far above the French Riviera. There, as the sun sets, the scent of the warm ocean breezes mingle with the aroma of fresh fish plucked right from the sea, being prepared with herbs snipped from the vast fields below.

My visions of Provence are as vivid as the art and the clientele at La Colombe D’or, and these memories spark my passion for vibrant food and wine. A glass of rosé enhances the beauty. French men, women, old, young, appreciate rosé as much as the delicacies on their plate.

The French drink complex, dry rosé wines to complement almost any meal – they are not just reserved for aperitifs, or warm weather. We drink them year-round, with simply prepared meats, with salads of fresh-picked greens and vegetables, and of course, with fish. We embrace their flavor and beautiful salmon color.

For me, the Hudson Valley is often reminiscent of the tastes, sounds, scents and the flavors of those places in France that I knew so well. And a glass of rosé completes the picture.

Whitecliff Vineyards Rosé is the closest I’ve found to a French rosé in the Hudson Valley. It presents a beautiful nose, complex flavors and a medium body. Not a wine to be judged by its color alone; this wine pairs perfectly with dishes fragrant with herbs like the fresh tarragon grown in the fields of Provence.

Far from France, while I’m enjoying a summer evening at home in the Hudson Valley, I relax with a sip of Millbrook’s Hunt Country Rosé. With berry on the nose, and a taste full of lush fruit, its flavor is as vibrant as the Hudson Valley itself.

With memories of Provence, and my taste buds awakened by these local wines, I created a colorful summer salad. Using beets, tomatoes, and organic goat cheese, this dish is designed to be light, flavorful and enjoyed with a glass of Hudson Valley rosé. Bon appetit!

Hudson Valley Wine magazine Summer 2014 issue

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